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Homelessness Policy Research Institute

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

In another effort to tackle the crisis of homelessness in LA County, the USC Price Center for Social Innovation and United Way of Greater Los Angeles Home for Good Initiative have teamed up to create the Homelessness Policy Research Institute (HPRI).

Image obtained from the Homelessness Policy Research Institute

This new collaboration between scholars and policymakers aims to focus research efforts on making long-lasting change for those experiencing homelessness in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Unknown member
Sep 26, 2022

I sent the following email to President Biden last week:

Mr. President, today I saw the following headline:

Migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard taken to military base for support, officials say.

Well, Mr. President, when I read that, it occurred to me that our military bases would be IDEAL places to set up homeless camps...give them something to do on the base. Serve 'em up food every day. A safe place to sleep. Medical attention. There would be security there, too, to keep trouble-makers apart. Please....this would be an ideal answer to the question: How can we help our homeless? end

I really believe this could work...for one thing, our cities wouldn't be having to spend billions trying things that…

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