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During the course of a year, nearly 1.5 million Americans experience homelessness for at least one night. Periods of homelessness often have serious and lasting effects on personal development, health, and well-being. Our challenge is to expand proven approaches that have worked in communities across the country, develop new service innovations and technologies, and adopt policies that promote affordable housing and basic income security.

Community members, policymakers, practitioners, and researchers must join hands in a concerted effort to tackle The Grand Challenge to End Homelessness.

GC2EH Policy Proposals for the 2020 U.S. Election
In this fast-paced year leading up to the Presidential Election of 2020, reducing housing insecurity and homelessness is gaining surprising traction. With homelessness rates rising in major cities, it seems this decades-long crisis has no end in sight. We respectfully disagree. The authors of these essays—all nationally known experts on the topic—demonstrate how such an end could be achieved.
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