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Grand Challenge to End Homelessness Research Survey

The Grand Challenge to End Homelessness (GC2EH) Research Survey is being conducted in partnership with the National Center for Excellence in Homeless Services (NCEHS). The survey has three purposes:


  1. Find out what homelessness research is in progress within the social work community

  2. Identify social work faculty interested in homelessness research

  3. Link researchers across schools. 


The following is a summary of the findings from the first phase of the survey, with a specific focus on the research projects reported by respondents. In this first phase, the survey was sent to NCEHS partner school faculty and faculty who participated in last year’s Special Interest Group on Homelessness. A total of 82 research, evaluation, and quality improvement projects (conducted since 2012) were reported by the 33 school of social work faculty that completed the survey.

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