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GC2EH Policy Proposals for the 2020 U.S. Election
In this fast-paced year leading up to the Presidential Election of 2020, reducing housing insecurity and homelessness is gaining surprising traction. With homelessness rates rising in major cities, it seems this decades-long crisis has no end in sight. We respectfully disagree. The authors of these essays—all nationally known experts on the topic—demonstrate how such an end could be achieved.
Read using the PDF viewer below or click the paperclip to download as a PDF: 
Grand Challenges Policy Conference:
"Social Innovation for America's Renewal: Ideas, Evidence, Action"

Over 250 advocates met at Washington University's Brown School of Social Work to discuss evidence based solutions to the American Association of Social Work and Social Welfare's 12 Grand Challenges. 
Policy Recommendations for Meeting the Grand Challenge to End Homelessness

Three policy recommendations addressing the importance of funding for permanent supportive housing and its evidence based impact on homelessness.

Policy Briefs for Social Change:
Students Work Towards Rethinking Homelessness

USC Master in Social Work Students have compiled a list of policy briefs addressing homelessness in Los Angeles County. They have assessed the problem of homelessness from multiple points of intersection, analyzed existing policies, and have provided recommendations for more effective homeless policy implementation. 

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